11 Juli – 6 Aug ~ Workshops Global Gongs Meditation

Daily meditation with Global Gongs on the stream of minimal music patterns.

Javanese gongs and the healing effect of harmony in classical music and raga from the Indian classical music form the ideal basis for practicing mindfulness and meditation.

The meditations on the gongs led by Sinta Wullur are daily in the period between 11 July an 21 July and in the period 29 July until 6 August.

Maximum attendees 10, the gongs are positioned 1,5 meter from each other.

To attend the meditation, musical background is not needed.

Every participant play on the gongs and listen to each other in a composition.

Global Gongs Meditation
Summer 2020

11 July - 21 July
29 July - 6 August
4pm to 6 pm
€ 12

Registration and information contact@sintawullur.com